Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Remembering Yesterday's Greatness

You may have noted a new banner for The Vintage Warrior. It's been hung with good reason. Special effects legend Ray Harryhausen has passed away.

He was 92 years of awesome.

Don't worry, I don't know the name offhand either. But I've been a huge fan of his work ever since I was a kid. The skeletons from Jason & The Argonauts are a cherished childhood memory. I hang them as my new banner proudly.

The best 2 minutes of your life that you'll ever waste.

And now for something completely different...

I've been listening to the music of dead rappers lately. I'm not sure why, but I've been enjoying the jams of 2Pac, Eazy-E and Notorious B.I.G. Add those with Grandmaster Flash, Run D.M.C., N.W.A., Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg and you've got a 32-year-old suburban white man looking like a goddamned fool. 

This isn't me. Honestly.

Regardless, I think the beginning of gangster rap is a completely valid entry into the Music Hall of Fame. The music was dark and scary. It focused on subject matter that your parents wanted to shield you from. People looked at you weird if you listened to it. Hell, gangsta rap isn't that far from heavy metal at all. No wonder they mated in the late 90's and had several bastard children.

Never trust a Juggalo. 
Or speak to one. Or acknowledge ones existence.

In particular, I've been enjoying Eazy-E's first solo album, Eazy-Duz-It. It was clear from the beginning that Eazy was a ruthless gang-banging pussy addict with the mind of a Wall Street businessman. His infamous feud with Dr. Dre and Death Row Records is a great entry in the textbook of music history. Oh yeah, he was in N.W.A. too. And he died of AIDS in 1995.

Dre Day was Eazy's pay day. Beeotch.

And now for something completely different...

Its almost that time again when I feel the itch to read Calvin & Hobbes in its entirety. There aren't many books that give me that itch. HATE! by Peter Bagge is one of them. Kingdom Come by Mark Waid is another. But Calvin & Hobbes by Bill Watterson is special.

I owe my entire love of the comic medium to Calvin & Hobbes. I grew up with this book. Every birthday or Christmas that passed meant a new volume of Calvin & Hobbes would be there waiting for me. I think anyone who grew up in the 80's/90's as I did could relate to almost everything that was portrayed in Calvin & Hobbes. What kid doesn't daydream in school, have problems with the opposite sex and get in trouble with their parents?

Calvin & Hobbes went out of circulation on December 31, 1995. A sad day indeed. For diehard fans like myself, check out this "dark" (fake) movie trailer for Calvin & Hobbes. It's got a lot of easter eggs hidden throughout, and is quite strange. 

I'd totally be a producer to get this made. Call me.

That about sums it up this time around. I hope you've remembered some greatness of your own while reading. Always remember, there's nothing wrong with looking backward rather than forward for something new. Sometimes more than not, that's where you truly find greatness.

Until next time, We Want Eazy!

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