Sunday, February 3, 2013

Are You Ready For Some Convention?!

So its Superbowl Sunday. Ehhhh.....don't care. I'll see the commercials when I see 'em.

What is it that I'm missing? Seriously, I don't get it.

I went to the Atlanta Comic Convention this morning, which is billed as "the best one-day comic show in the South!"

If that's true, then the South really sucks.

Just kidding, it's not a bad show at all. Fairly small and located at the same Marriot hotel every year, the Atlanta Comic Convention is mostly host to vintage comic dealers who travel the country and practically live in small convention halls. There were a couple of Atlanta shops there as well, doing the usual dump of unwanted back-issues and previously unsold trade paperbacks at 50% off. Really, that's all you can expect from small comic conventions such as these.

Oh yeah, the guy who played the zombie who ate Lori's corpse on AMC's The Walking Dead was the guest of honor. I thought that was pretty funny. If by chance you don't watch the show, the Lori character was universally hated by fandom from the very beginning of the show. In the 3rd episode of the 3rd season, Lori was eviscerated during child-birth during a zombie raid in a prison. Long-time Lori-haters rejoiced the world over.

Rick is quietly thanking this man for eating his stupid wife.

I also met up with local comic book writer Robert Jeffrey II at the show, whose book Route 3 is out now from Atlanta-based media company Terminus Media. I just may be pitching a comic book or two in the near future to Terminus Media (one I'm writing with my woman, which will blow minds). Perhaps I will share a detail or two about those projects when they're closer to the scripting stage.

Anyway, if you've got $2 that you don't mind spending, I recommend that you download the free ComicsPlus app and get a copy of Route 3. Not only will you be reading a story that practically happens in my backyard (it takes place in Stone Mountain, GA. of all places), but you'll be supporting a good writer and the independent press. Come on, do it. DO IT.

I didn't really get much at this convention. I got the New X-Men by Grant Morrison trades (3 in all) at half off, and the first volume of Gotham Central by Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka (two of the best crime/noir writers in the business). I look forward to reading them within time.

Grant Morrison is my shit.

In other comic book related news, my comic book series OUTLAWS is coming along very nicely. We've got 16 pages that are 99% ready to be inked. I look forward to showing you all pieces of this book soon. Its been a labor of love, and I think the story will hook you with each and every issue. At least, that's my hope.

Speaking of OUTLAWS, I need some help in locking down a logo. Here's a few that have been designed so far. I'd appreciate an outside view of them and some feedback. There's a few different influences and techniques that my artist P. Emerson Williams is working with, and we're still trying to find the best one. Any comments are appreciated.

A crosshairs logo. One of the front-runners thus far.

The "hardcore" logo.

More of a "graffiti"-styled logo.

A more simplistic logo. Has potential.

The "thrash metal" logo. One of my personal favorites. 
I think with a tweak or two this might be a good one.

Obviously inspired by Obituary's logo. 
Not a serious one to be considered, but fuck it I like it.

Well, I've got Eddie Murphy's Raw on the DVR calling my name. Have fun with your pigskin envy, America!

Eddie Murphy

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