Sunday, January 27, 2013

Thrash Party!

Here's a playlist of sorts for those feeling the urge to get thrashed. If you're here looking for Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax, Testament, Kreator or Suicidal Tendencies you may be disappointed, as I'll be going a little bit deeper into the underground to dig up some obscure 1980's thrash. Hopefully you'll find a new band or two here to explore further on your own.

Someone got this tattooed on their chest in 1985, I just know it.

Thrash metal came to prominence in the early 1980's and was party metal for the metalheads who didn't want to wear make-up or their mom's clothes. It survived in the underground well into the 1990's for those who didn't want to wear flannel or do heroin. In my opinion, thrash metal was the main precursor to death metal, as its influence bleeds through almost every aspect of death metal and beyond. Finding its roots in the NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) scene and taking it to the next level, thrash metal has always been a bit "too metal" for punks to get into, but there has been a lot of crossover between the genres.

Thrash metal is still around today because it has a certain energy to it that only makes sense when you're drinking copious amounts of booze and hanging out with good friends. Thrash metal isn't for everybody, but it certainly has its place on any party playlist where its all dudes (with a girlfriend or two) and nothing but cheap beer to entertain yourself with.

So get ready to party! Thrash til Death!!

The Early 1980's: NWOBHM Becomes Thrash Metal

"Stand Up and Fight"
Heavy Metal Maniac
Shrapnel Records (1983)

"Child of the Damned"
Deliver Us EP
Metal Blade Records (1983)

"Free for All"
Mean Machine
Camel Records (1984)

Iron Angel
"The Metallian"
Hellish Crossfire
Steamhammer Records (1985)

"Cross Me Fool"
Evil Invaders
Attic Records (1985)

The Late 1980's: THRASH 'TIL DEATH!!

"Stirring the Cauldron"
Power and Pain
Roadrunner Records (1985)

"Destructive Solution"
Possessed By Fire
Disaster Records (1986)

"Open the Grave"
Breaking the Silence
Combat Records (1987)
*this one is my personal favorite on this list*

"Nuclear Winter"
Persecution Mania
Steamhammer Records (1987)

"Mad Butcher"
Mad Butcher EP
Steamhammer Records (1987)

"Eternal Nightmare"
Eternal Nightmare
Megaforce Records (1988)


Municipal Waste is arguably today's most prominent thrash metal band. They play in the same style of the 1980's, and in my opinion are a great thrash party metal band. They even named one of their albums The Art of Partying. Enough said. 

I hope you enjoyed the thrash metal playlist. Tell me in the comments what you like, didn't like, think should have been included, etc. Until next time my friends.

Bow us out, boys! Thrash Partyyyyyy!

Municipal Waste
"The Art of Partying"
The Art of Partying
Earache Records (2007)


  1. Those covers are awesome such creativeness in the 80s they just didn't give a fuck if you don't like us tough shit lets party!!

    1. The album covers are part of the fun. They definitely created a vibe that can never be replicated.