Monday, January 28, 2013

Thrash Party Hangover

So I threw a thrash metal party. A bunch of dudes showed up, who then proceeded to play the music too loud, drank all my beer and did all the drugs. There's still a bunch of those fuckers here, all hopped up on goof-balls and thrashing 'til death! Ah well....if you can't beat 'em, join' em!

"Bombs of Death"
Raging Violence
Metal Blade Records (1985)

Verbal Abuse
"Rocks Your Liver"
Rocks Your Liver
Boner Records (1986)

Nuclear Assault
Game Over
Combat Records (1986)

"Thrash 'Til the Death"
The Force
Under One Flag Records (1986)

Chemical Invasion
Noise Records (1987)

"Angry Neurotic Catholics"
Roadrunner Records (1987)

Death Angel
"Kill As One"
The Ultra-Violence
Restless Records (1987)

Rigor Mortis
"Bodily Dismemberment"
Rigor Mortis
Capitol Records (1988)

"Gun Control"
Thrash Zone
Metal Blade Records (1989)

"As Your Casket Closes"
Razorback Records (2006)

Finally, after 17 days straight of thrashing the guys from Verbal Abuse and Tankard finally left. The guys from D.R.I. left the party right after Pete Steele from Carnivore started puking all over the place. I am NOT cleaning up that bathroom. Somebody get me Leif Garrett's number, I heard he needs a few bucks.

"Jack Daniel's and Pizza" intro
Roadrunner Records (1987)

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