Saturday, December 29, 2012

Times They Are A Changin'...

With the coming of a new year comes changes to The Vintage Warrior.
Blog series have been cancelled and a new structure will be followed.

The following blog series are laid to rest as

Comic Book Man
This was a blog I used as a headline for comic book-related things I wanted to rant about. From now on, I'll just rant about them without a Comic Book Man headline.

Vinyl Friday!
I'm pretty happy with my current vinyl collection and don't really see the need to write about it anymore. If I get new stuff that I think is cool, I'll just share a Youtube video from now on.

Just In Case You Missed It
The title is too damn long. So from now on, whenever I come across something worth sharing...I'll just share it. Sensing a trend?

Sunday Worship
This was a blog series I used to help myself get back in the swing of writing again. I found myself doing the same thing every Sunday (reading comics, watching movies, listening to music) so I thought it would be an easy thing to write about. However, my life has gotten a bit more complicated since the days of this series and I no longer find myself interested enough to write about my Sunday habits. If you know me, you know what I'm doing. 'Nuff said. So, it's done. 

Covet Corner
I've shared all my cool stuff with you via this series already. The only thing left is my still-to-be-finished redecoration of the Matt-Cave. When that's completed, I'll share pics...but not under the banner of Covet Corner.

Tenacious D - "Dude (I Totally Miss You)" Live (2006)

So what's going to be new around here?
First off, no more blog features. I think you got the point of that above.

If you've been a reader of my "work" then you know I tend to be long-winded and use a lot of pictures and videos to help break up the monotony.

This will not change.

No real purpose. Its just funny.

In fact, that aspect of this blog is probably going to get worse. Let's face it...this isn't a hugely popular blog with thousands of subscribers, and I don't really care to post 20 blogs or so every month. I know who my audience is. 

When I have videos I want to share, I'm going to wait until I have a good set of them to share at once in one blog. Look for one of those to be posted after the New Year.

Outlaws #1 page 2-3 spread (inked sketch)
by P. Emerson Williams

I'll also be using The Vintage Warrior to keep you posted on my upcoming comic book series OUTLAWS, rather than use the former blog I had set up for that. I don't see the need in having both. 

The Vintage Warrior is a place where I'll mainly continue writing random shit when I feel like practicing the writing craft (so never expect brilliance or anything to be well-crafted). Basically, the idea is that The Vintage Warrior will be a much more comfortable reading environment for you to pull out your smokes, get yourself a drink, sit in a comfy chair and have a good zone-out moment. 

Farewell 2012. 2013 promises to be an extremely busy year for me. I hope you'll catch up with me when I can catch up with you.

Until 2013...make mine METAL!

Iced Earth - "Colors" (1990)


  1. It looks like you're streamlining the blog and its' content. That's awesome, I did the same thing and I'm happy with the results. Keep the cool shit coming!

    1. Yeah I plan on still having a general theme for each post, just with more content. Kinda like how you're doing yours, but hopefully original enough to still be different from what you and Ben do. ;)