Friday, December 21, 2012

Outlaws Update For the Post-Apocalypse

Well, thanks to the Mayans...the world ended today. In these desperate and confusing end-times, does anyone remember that I'm writing a comic book? Anyone? Anyone???

Well, it's still true. My comic book series OUTLAWS is actually under production right now, after a long stream of bad luck and unprofessionalism.

Outlaws #1 cover sketch (not final artwork)
By: P. Emerson Williams

I finished the script for Outlaws #1 back in June of 2011. The first issue isn't expected to be released until sometime in 2013. All things considered, that's not too bad of a delay for small-press independent comics. However, the delays on this book are 100% the fault of the previous artist. I would love to trash this guy online and start some sort of smear campaign against his slow unprofessional ass, but that would only give that douchebag more press and he doesn't deserve that.

I only received 5 inked pages and 2 sketched pages from this guy over the course of about 15 months. The art was great, but by the time I finished the script for the 4th issue and hadn't even seen an end-date from the artist for the first issue yet, a change had to be made.

So when I had to fire my old artist, I turned to the one guy I knew I could count on for professional work. Enter new artist P. Emerson Williams, a good online friend of mine whom I've known and worked with for several years but have never actually met in person. Some folks with better memories than mine may remember some of the album artwork Williams did for AcidVictim Records, my old record label. His band Choronzon appeared on the Underground Metal Compilation Vol. 1 that I released, and he was responsible for handing a lot of the art duties I simply didn't have the skills to manage. Williams was pretty much the unsung hero of AcidVictim Records. The label wouldn't have lasted as long as it did without his involvement.

The album that drove me insane and made me seriously consider a new hobby.
But damn, what a cover! (by P. Emerson Williams)

The final album released by AcidVictim Records. Dummo broke up about a month after I released this split-CD, so that was the death knell.
P. Emerson Williams did both covers, based off low resolution scans that he had to completely redesign.

While the style and look of OUTLAWS will be drastically different, I feel that Williams will give the book much more of a gritty noir look than the previous artist could do. Here's a couple of character sketches he did for my two main characters:

Min (2012) by P. Emerson Williams

Pharos (2012) by P. Emerson Williams

We've got the storyboards done for all 22 pages of issue #1, so the hard work will begin soon and hopefully you will all be able to read my story (if interested) in the near future. Again, it will be a black and white book with color covers, and will also be available digitally. Cover price should be reasonable. I hate $3.99 comics with a passion, so our book will hopefully be cheaper than that.

Hopefully the next OUTLAWS update will have some actual product I can share samples of. Have no fear though, we're on the right track and Outlaws #1 will be available via WhatTheFlux! Comics soon. 

Until then.....keep it gangster.

"Acid For Breakfast"
Fuckpot EP (2004)
2nd release from AcidVictim Records


  1. I'm glad to hear things are on track with the book. I look forward to seeing the finished product!

  2. I no doubt Mr. Williams will do a stellar job as he remains to continue to amaze me with his talents that seem to run deep from his soul, IF he really has one. Nevertheless, it stems from where ever ....and.....yes, he IS an unsung hero that most don't take notice of. But he likes it that way. As I speak from personal experience and have met him in person...why he even lived in the same household at one point.

    Glad to read things are moving forward again as I will be looking toward seeing this when its completed...finished.