Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ideas for the Future Man-Cave

I'm happy with how my Matt-Cave looks for right now, but those of use who take great pride in our Man-Cave's know that a Man-Cave is never complete. There's ALWAYS room for improvement (or additional toys).

In looking at vintage rooms on Google, I came across a few that I thought were awesome. They give me something to aspire to.

This one is my favorite. I like the setup this person has for their records, and I appreciate the reel-to-reel player. The record player is prominently displayed and those speakers look cool as hell.

I like how this person spent all their money on vintage music equipment (note the badass setup for the reel-to-reel), but jack-shit on the furniture. I have two record players like this person does, and the more I look at this room the more I want a reel-to-reel player.

I like the records hanging from the wall. 
I'd like to do something like this one day with a bunch of cheap/shitty 45's.

Using album sleeves as floor tiles. Genius. 

Of course, there's always the simple approach. Just a man and his record player.
If it was good enough for Elvis....

For the comic books. Hardcovers, trade paperbacks and such. 
I could easily fill up 4 of those shelves right now.

A comic book wall. It must be done. I also dig the brick.

Someday, it shall be done!

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  1. I like the set-up in that third pic.

    Speaking of reel-to-reel, I remember Ben Edgar's dad saying he had one back in the '70s. He used to tape music off of the radio (from that favorite Detroit station of mine, WRIF) and then he would bring the tapes with him to college to jam in his dorm room. Sounds like an early example of the first mix tapes!