Thursday, June 21, 2012


The first official trailer for the upcoming film DREDD, based on the comic book character Judge Dredd, has finally been released.

I don't care if people think Judge Dredd sucks. I don't care that Sylvester Stallone and Rob Schneider ruined the first Judge Dredd movie back in 1995. I'm a huge Judge Dredd fan and I'm excited for this movie.

Here's the new trailer. I think it definitely shows promise.

To me, DREDD looks a lot more faithful to the original Judge Dredd stories in the 2000 A.D. anthology comic series than the 1995 film did. It almost has a Robocop kind of vibe to it. It looks like it could go either way, but Karl Urban is a good actor and a fan of the character, so I'm fairly confident he's done the best he could do with the material they gave him.

The story doesn't look like its entirely original, but I've always liked the idea of a powerful drug in the future that threatens to do blah blah blah. In fact, the plot is eerily similar to Robocop 2 in that regard, but I'll let that slide for now.

For comparison's sake, here's a look at the trailer for the 1995 Judge Dredd movie:

A bit different in tone, eh?

I guess we'll find out which one sucks more in just a few short months....

I don't know about you, but the Vintage Warrior will be keeping track of DREDD. If it's good, then there's always hope for a better JONAH HEX film, right?

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