Sunday, June 24, 2012

Amazing Authentic Advertising: Freddy Krueger!

Welcome to this month's edition of Amazing Authentic Advertising!

I was never allowed to watch the A Nightmare on Elm Street films as a kid. Not that I really wanted to watch a movie about a burn victim who murdered kids in their sleep, but still. Let's just say they were a missed opportunity, much like what I am about to show you.

One look at this old advertisement I found in a 1988 issue of Superman adds one more thing to the list that I can never forgive my parents for.


Man, for just under $100 I could have had the face, the hat, THE GLOVE...everything. eBay, here I come!


  1. You forgot to mention one thing about that ad...the fricken catchy Freddy rap thrown in to help sell it. I remember seeing this ad in Superman Vol. 2 #25 back in third grade. And yes, I may have attempted to rap it out loud.

  2. Funny enough, I couldn't find that Freddy rap anywhere on Youtube. Couldn't find the set on eBay either. Ah well, maybe some day.

    A few people were selling the talking doll on eBay, though!