Friday, May 25, 2012

Vinyl Friday! - New Vinyl, New Tapes

Hola my fellow Vintage Warriors. Today's edition of Vinyl Friday! gets its inspiration from last week's post, where I scored some good vinyl along with some classic VHS movies. Today was no different. Behold the score!

Jimi Hendrix - Rare Hendrix, Eric Burdon & The Animals - The Twain Shall Meet
Five Deadly Venoms, Superman: The Movie, Hellraiser I & II

One of the funny things about Atlanta, Georgia is that I run into Jimi Hendrix albums all the time, but NEVER the ones that people want to own (the first 3 albums). However, I've found some killer Jimi Hendrix albums that mainly feature his non-hits, and Rare Hendrix is no different. Recorded in 1966, Rare Hendrix features a lot of jams that any Jimi Hendrix fan would enjoy. I recommend hunting this album down!

"Voice in the Wind." (1966)

I've been a big Animals fan for quite some time now, so I was happy as hell to find The Twain Shall Meet. I almost passed it up, until that classic image of Eric Burdon's face caught the corner of my eye. There's some trippy works on this album. It has a very dark, moody feel to it at times. The Twain Shall Meet features some of The Animals' biggest hits, such as "Sky Pilot" and "Monterey." Here's an example of the weird trippiness that can be found on this album. You can get lost in its wall of sound.

"We Love You Lil." (1968)

On to the movies!

VHS is back on the upswing, and its not just myself and my friend with the Bedroom in the Basement that appreciates VHS culture. My favorite shop in town (where I get records, movies, comics and great conversations) still sells them often, and the shop owner told me he was surprised as any when the nostalgia for this classic format came roaring back. Some tapes he's able to sell for $5 a pop! 

Personally, I try not to pay over $2 for a VHS tape. Any more than that, and I may as well spend the extra couple of bucks for the DVD (depending on the movie). I was lucky today, as nothing I got was over $1.50.

The Greatest Superhero Movie Ever Made.

The main reason why I bought Superman: The Movie on VHS was simply for the packaging. Its got that great old-school plastic case that was popular for kids movies and anything Disney released before the VHS format died out. The case itself was in damn-near perfect condition. This movie will look great on display with all the other Superman crap I have.

Superman: The Movie trailer (1978)

Five Deadly Venoms is a movie I've never seen, but everyone says its the pinnacle of the kung-fu movie genre, and since it was only $1 I picked it up. One of my favorite martial arts films is Five Element Ninjas, which happens to be made by the same people (The Shaw Brothers) so we'll see how this one compares. Something tells me it won't be a dollar wasted.

Five Deadly Venoms trailer (1978)

I haven't seen the Hellraiser movies since I was a kid. Pinhead freaked me out as a lad, but I've had a hankering for classic horror flicks lately so I figured I'd get this 2-movie combo pack. Hell, for a $1.50 how can I go wrong? I got Hellraiser and Hellraiser II, so my Sunday viewing should be set!

Hellraiser trailer (1987)

And there you have it for this weeks installment of Vinyl Friday! I might have to change the name of this thread if I keep scoring good VHS tapes along with the vinyl. We'll see! Until next time, take us out Eric!

"Sky Pilot." (1968)


  1. Replies
    1. Oh yeah, I have only seen the first Hellraiser once, back in high school.

    2. You gotta listen to that "We Love You Lil" song, its epic.

      Yeah I only saw the first Hellraiser as well, and maybe 10 minutes of the second one. I'm ready to watch them again. I got the first 4 Nightmare on Elm Street movies in a single DVD pack a few weeks back. I'm looking forward to watching Johnny Depp get eaten by a bed.

  2. I used to have that Superman vhs in the clamshell. I should tell you what I got on my "Vinyl Friday:"
    -Jefferson Airplane Takes Off (first one)

    -Aerosmith "Get Your Wings" (first two)

    And the following Monkees:
    -More of the Monkees
    -Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, and Jones Ltd.
    -The Birds and the Bees and the Monkees
    -The Monkees Present

  3. I always see "Done With Mirrors" by Aerosmith around here, but that album kinda sucks so I never pick it up. I see a lot of Monkees around too, but I've never really been a fan. That Jefferson Airplane album is probably awesome.