Sunday, May 27, 2012

OUTLAWS - the Greatest Comic Book Currently in Production UPDATE

Since I've moved everything related to my upcoming comic book series OUTLAWS to its own blog, you should head on over there to take a look at some final inked pages and a couple front cover designs. There's also a new-but-not-final OUTLAWS logo. A visual feast for all!

Come take a look at the greatest comic book this world will ever see. Feel free to become a "follower" of the page as well, for I'll post more snippets here and there as more artwork starts coming in.

Thank you.


  1. That logo is totally bad ass!

  2. Yeah man, my goal is to make the book have that old 1980's action sci-fi noir feel to it. I think the logo captures that pretty well.

    Its getting a couple of tweaks to it, but the final version should still look similar.