Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Covet Corner: The New System

Welcome to my latest installment of Covet Corner. This week we're looking at something I've been saving up for, and finally decided to pull the trigger on. new system:

I'll get a proper station for this once I can, but for now you get the idea.

Acoustic Research XA (ARxa)
(George Harrison's "All Things Must Pass" on the table)

This thing has no bells or whistles, but its a great vintage player. Built-in suspension, belt-driven, double-platter and just plain cool. The whole thing is manual, so some aspects of it are a bit more archaic than I'm used to. However, it was fully refurbished 6 months ago and the needle only has approx. 50 hours on it, so hopefully this will be sounding excellent for quite some time to come.

NAD 7140
(came out sometime in the 1980's, but is fully equipped for everything)

I know nothing of what makes a good receiver a good receiver, or what the subtle differences are between Speaker A or Speaker B. Honestly, I just want something that sounds great. My old Crosley player is good, but it was a cheap system and sometimes it sounds like it. It also played the records at kind of an angle, which causes certain ones to scrape along the edge. This is what prompted the new system more than anything. A man takes pride in his vinyl, after all.

The above mixed with 2 vintage Grafyx speakers from the late '70's and my house is now a Wall of Sound. I'm hearing new twists and turns to almost everything I've been listening to.

Too bad you can't hear what I'm hearing, folks! Catch ya next time at Covet Corner, where I'll share something special from the long-boxes.

Until then, take us out George!

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  1. I can only imagine the high fidelity sounds emanating from those speakers, painting pictures with musical notes.