Friday, April 20, 2012

Vinyl Friday! - Week 6

I didn't happen to go find anything out there in Vinyl-Land today, so instead lets sit back and enjoy a great album together. Prepare yourselves for the departure point...


When I make the decision to spin a Doors record, its a very scientific process. You have to ask yourself "which Jim Morrison do I want today?" Are you in the mood for pretentiousness or blues or something in-between? Waiting For The Sun has it all.

Although, you know what always pissed me off about this album? It doesn't actually contain the "Waiting for the Sun" song! Seriously, what the hell. Regardless, Waiting For The Sun has a lot of my favorite Doors songs, such as:

"Spanish Caravan"

This album also has a lot of the songs that appear on the Greatest Hits collections, such as "Hello, I Love You," "Love Street," "The Unknown Soldier," "Not to Touch the Earth" and "Five to One." All are great songs, but I'm quite partial to "The Unknown Solder."

"The Unknown Soldier"

It was Bruce McCulloch from Kids in the Hall who summed it up perfectly: "Doors fans aren't made, they're born." Enjoy this clip, as it ties in to the album we're listening to!

"All that new stuff sucks, but it's over there."

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  1. Holy crap, I haven't thought of that Kids In the Hall sketch in YEARS. So fricken funny.

    What a good album, too. Robbie really rocks the Spanish style guitar on this one. It's funny you mention the non-appearance of the title track, it reminds me of how Zep's "Houses of the Holy" isn't on the namesake album, but instead on the next one (Physical Graffiti).