Friday, April 6, 2012

Vinyl Friday! Easter Weekend Edition

In addition to it being Friday, its also GOOD Friday. And with every "good" Friday I score nice vinyl. So pull up a chair, grab a drink and enjoy a few jams with me!

Marvin Gaye - Live!, Gary Numan - The Pleasure Principle, Stevie Wonder - Talking Book

Originally, I had planned on spending my afternoon at Feed Your Head Music in East Atlanta. The shop owner there is an audiophile to the 10th degree, and I was hoping to pick his brain on building a proper sound system for my vinyl for as cheap as possible. Unfortunately he was closed today, so I hopped over to Wax N' Facts in the Little Five Points area of Atlanta and found these jams for cheap.

First on the player is Marvin Gaye - Live!
Since I really enjoyed that "Here, My Dear" album that I picked up last week, I decided to take another chance on a Marvin Gaye album, and I thought this live record was as good a pick as any. There's a lot of jamming on this alum. In fact, Side B is mainly just one long jam session. The great thing about this live album is that you can really hear all the other instruments being played. Everyone in Gaye's band has a moment to shine here. If you ever see this record around, I highly recommend it!

Lots of banter here, but still a damn fine jam!

Next up, we have the electronica weirdness of Gary Numan's The Pleasure Principle.
This album is Numan's most known record, due to the fact that "Cars" was his one-hit wonder, and this just so happens to be the album that has "Cars" on it. While "Cars" remains one of my favorite songs from the early electronica scene, The Pleasure Principle has a lot of other really good tracks as well. This album sort of sounds like Kraftwerk mixed with Tangerine Dream. The "beats" are simple and mellow, and Numan's odd voice adds a lot to the weird, futuristic sound that bands like this were messing around with in the 1970's.

You've heard "Cars" enough, so give this one a shot.

Last up on the rotation is Stevie Wonder's breakthrough album, Talking Book.
When it comes to Stevie Wonder, you have to forget about his crappy '80's music and go back to when he was a funky soul brotha. Talking Book features my favorite Wonder song, "Superstition." Even though you've probably heard this song a bunch and would like to hear something else off the album...too bad! 

So there you have it folks. I hope you enjoyed some tunes with me on this Good Friday.

Until next's some creepy Gary Numan stuff from the year 2000, when he was channeling his inner-Reznor. I don't have it on vinyl...but hey, Numan rules so dig it!!

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