Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Worship

Welcome to April, everyone. Prank the shit out of people today, its fun.

This is the start of a new blog feature that I will be calling "Sunday Worship."

Every Sunday, I spend the morning in the Matt-Cave, reading a story and listening to a record. My woman likes to sleep in to ungodly hours on the weekend, and I'm an early I entertain myself in this fashion often.

So lets look at what kept me busy this Sunday morning:

Let's start off with the calm, cocaine-fueled genius of Marvin Gaye and his excellent 1978 album, "Here, My Dear."

This album has one of the greatest stories of all time behind it, which adds a lot to the power of this album. Basically, "Here, My Dear" was solely recorded as a way for Marvin Gaye to pay off his alimony debt to his ex-wife. Gaye was a full-blown cocaine addict at this point and had blown his entire fortune, and thus couldn't pay alimony. To keep from getting in further trouble with the courts, Gaye agreed that the royalties from his next album would all go straight to his ex-wife.

Marvin Gaye fully intended to record a complete piece of shit, but he wound up crafting one hell of an album instead. The subject matter on the album is hilarious, as he pretty much just sings about his ex-wife the entire time. His ex-wife reportedly considered suing Marvin Gaye for invasion of privacy upon hearing the album, but seemed to let it go once those royalty checks started pouring in.

While listening to the man lay down his heart on vinyl, I also read the 4-issue Silver Surfer miniseries, In Thy Name (2007-2008).

Nope, not homo-erotic at all. Carry on.

I've never been a huge Silver Surfer fan, but I do enjoy some of his stories. I think he has a cool back-story as the herald of Galactus, the World-Eater. Spurned by his former master, he explores the vast cosmos in his never-ending quest for solace and a place to call home. In Thy Name is something I've had for a while that I never read, so I got around to it today.

The story is about the Surfer finding what he believes to be a Utopian civilization, however that isn't the case (of course) and insanity ensues. Sides of an inevitable battle are forged, the Surfer is worshiped as a God by one side of the conflict, but is mislead and ultimately used for his vast power. Silver Surfer gets pissed, threatens both sides of the conflict with complete annihilation. Ultimately, he leaves them to their own devices and looks back at the war as being typical of life.

I enjoyed the art, but the story was bit contrived and derivative. This is the type of story I've read countless times before, so I don't really recommend it as an introduction to the Surfer for anyone.

So there you have it...enjoying myself on a Sunday.
Until next week's worship....take it away, Gaye!

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