Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Worship: Weird Romance and The Source

Welcome to this week's Sunday Worship, my faithful.

This Sunday morning, I didn't listen to a record as I read a book. Instead, I popped in my VHS copy of the excellent comedy Rushmore by Wes Anderson, starring Jason Schwartzman and Bill Murray. Its a quirky movie that I've seen a bunch of times, so it was fine to have it on in the background.

This is probably one of the weirdest "love" stories ever filmed, and who better to try than Wes Anderson. The film starts with an introduction to Max (Jason Schwartzman), an underachieving student with a ridiculous resume of extracurricular activities. He becomes friends with the art teacher (Olivia Williams) and eventually falls in love with her. Max also befriends the uber-rich Bill Murray, who of course falls in love with the teacher as well and insanity ensues. 

There's really no way to properly summarize this movie. Its a Wes Anderson movie after all, so its full of odd scenes that all make sense in the grand scheme of things but would ultimately confuse a reader if I tried to summarize them all. Besides, you can just go to Wikipedia for someone's else's attempt at that. 

Rushmore was the first of many "weird" comedies that Bill Murray started doing in the late '90's (and continues to do today), and his performance in this movie is great as always. Anyone could have played his character in this film, but its Murray's calm/cool demeanor that oftentimes brings out the most laughs.

The comic book I decided to read while hanging in the Matt-Cave this morning was Super Team Family #15, starring the Flash and the New Gods.

DC Comics, 1978

Let me go on the record here and say that the New Gods were Jack Kirby's most epic creations. I've been a New Gods fan for a long time. I just love the whole concept of their universe. A beautiful and lush planet of benevolent gods (New Genesis) against the industrialized dark planet of pain and anguish (Apokolips). New Genesis is ruled by Highfather, a spiritual god who has a direct connection to The Source (the "god" of the "New Gods"). Apokolips is ruled by the evil Darkseid, who is determined to solve the anti-life equation. To end the war between Gods, both Highfather and Darkseid exchange their sons as a way of forcing a truce. 

Darkseid, the ruler of Apokolips.

EPIC STUFF!!! The Flash on the other hand...I've never been a fan of. "Ohhh....I can run fast!" Big fuckin' deal. Since this book was published in 1978, Barry Allen was the Flash. The story revolved around the New God named Orion (Darkseid's son, who grew up on New Genesis) being cursed with a "growing" disease. As his body becomes larger than the Earth, Highfather enlists the help of the Flash to aid the New Gods in curing Orion. The cure can only come from The Source, but New Gods are prophesized to never be allowed to breach "the final barrier," for if they do they will die. This becomes the reason Flash is enlisted, and at the end of the day...Orion is cured, Darkseid is foiled and Flash has no memory of his time with The Source. 

Barry Allen loses his mind in The Source.

This is actually an interesting issue for us comic book folks, because as any DC comic book reader and fellow New Gods fan will tell you...this "final barrier" is known as The Source Wall. However, this issue showed no such wall. The barrier was simply a bunch of dead gods floating around, attached to pieces of space-junk. Somehow, the idea of this graveyard of Gods morphed into what we know as The Source Wall over time. 

I hope you enjoyed my forms of entertainment for this week's Sunday Worship. Until next week, always remember to keep it vintage!


  1. I remember watching "Rushmore" at the Kalamazoo 10 in 1998. We snuck booze in and drank in the last row of the theater. I remember me, John, and Keith being there. Did you go too?

    Nice Super Friends clip! This is the season where Adam West is doing Batman's voice, sweet! And it has Firestorm, he was my favorite as a kid. I wanted his action figure more than anybody's, his costume was so crazy.

  2. I remember you guys all going to see Rushmore, I can't remember why I didn't go. The Kalamazoo 10...ahhh the memories.