Saturday, April 28, 2012

IPA Taste-Testing

Fuck it, I'm getting drunk tonight. Time to bust out the various IPA craft/microbrew beers I've accumulated and give 'em a whirl.

The Terrapin beers are a "local" brew, from Athens, Georgia. The others were from a mixed 6-pack from a great liquor/craft beer store here in town. The double-IPA's all have at least a 9.0% alcohol content. I don't think I'm getting though all of these tonight...but DAMN am I tempted to try!

I'm a big fan of the craft beers. If you tell me you brew your own beer, then I'll have a stein ready and willing to be filled with your precious ale. If it came down to drinking non-craft beer or no beer at all, I'd choose no beer. I'm at a point where even Sam Adams tastes like Budweiser to me. It's official. I'm a beer snob.


  1. Do you mean, if it came down to drinking "non-craft" beer or no beer at all, you would choose no beer.

  2. Jason Peden, Volunteer officer of the Grammar Police!!