Thursday, April 26, 2012

Amazing Authentic Advertising - Shrunken Heads!

Here's a new blog feature for ya: Amazing Authentic Advertising.

I've got a whole box full of unread comics, many of which are from the mid-to-late 1970's. The advertisements that appeared in comic books at this time were amazing. There should be a book that compiles them. In the meantime, I'll post ones that strike me.

Take today's example, a lovely ad I found in Action Comics #455 (1975).

You can see that Vincent Price was the pitchman (of course), and that these "shrunken heads" were actually just dried apples with add-on's. The reason why I posted this is because despite the fact that this ad was from 1975, I actually remember these things being around when I was a kid (early 1980's). I think I even made one with my mom.

The comic book ads of yore are great. Prepare yourself for seeing more soon.


  1. Do you have Action Comics #454, where Superman is on the cover eating a mountain of hamburgers?