Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Shitty Music Shops Piss Me Off (An Ode to Sampson)

It’s been a rough few days. Not only did I lose my glorious dog of 13 years to organ failure, but I had to deal with a snooty, snarky music shop owner on the same day. Hence the title of this blog entry being “Shitty Music Stores Piss Me Off.”

You guys are snobs.

In an effort to get our minds off the sadness, my woman and I went to check out a music shop I hadn’t been to yet, called Decatur CD. Not too far from this shop is The Brick Store Pub, which is a place we’d wanted to check out as well, since they serve a ridiculous amount of microbrews and import beers from around the world. Which, as any beer snob will tell you, is the type of place you want to check out.

They like CD's even though no-one else does.

Before going to the pub, we went to Decatur CD. First off, we were the only people in there other than the employees. Obviously with a name like “Decatur CD,” they’re going to specialize in new and used CD’s. However, when I looked the place up online their Google info said that they carried new and used vinyl as well.

So after looking around a store jam-packed with so many CD’s it was intimidating to even try to find a place to actually look for something, I asked the old guy behind the counter (with long hippy hair and an entitled, disgruntled demeanor about him of course) if they had any used vinyl. Without even looking up at me, he pointed behind him and had the smartass answer “just what we have in that box. We don’t want to have dollar bins,” as if that’s all vinyl records were worth. I found this odd, especially since the guy was clearly old and of the vinyl record generation.

Anyway, I looked through the box and it was all crap. Upon further searching, they had a ton of new vinyl records, but they were jam-packed so tight into the boxes holding them that they were damn near impossible to pull out and look at. This store clearly had no respect for the vinyl!

I found a box that had some leftover ‘Record Store Day’ releases, and if they weren’t priced at $60 a pop I most likely would have bought the Beatles, Pink Floyd and Doors 7” record box sets. However, I just spent an obscene amount of money trying to save my dog, so the thought of this additional expense seemed…frivolous.

Still, I was curious enough about the upcoming Record Store Day on April 21st, so I asked the old CD elitist if they were going to get in this year’s RSD releases. Again, this old prick seemed agitated with the question but said that they were. When I asked if the shop had a list of the releases, he snarkily referred me to the RSD website. Thanks, dick!

Good luck clinging to that CD-market raft, Decatur CD. By the looks of us being your only customers, maybe I should have at least been greeted with a smile and an offer of assistance, no?

For the record, this place is awesome.

So yeah, we left without buying anything and went down the street to The Brick Store Pub to drink a couple pints in Sampson’s honor. My crazy orange dog didn’t like beer personally, but he certainly loved his food so the stories of how he used to bark at me for letting Rusty out of his cage before feeding him over burgers and pints gave us the necessary laughs.

I’ll miss ya, pal.

Rusty (white) & Sampson (orange), BFF's!


  1. That store sounds like a sad joke. I wouldn't even feel pissed at that guy if I went in there...I would feel sad for him. Remember when we went to the dirt mall in Kalamazoo and no one was in there but us? And we walked past that carousel with the most depressed looking guy in the world running it? That's the vibe I get when I read about this Decatur cds place.

  2. HA! Yes, that's exactly what it was like! I just thought it was weird how this old hippy was so pro-CD. Every vinyl shop I go to in town is usually PACKED. We were the ONLY ones in Decatur CD. Just goes to show ya!