Thursday, March 8, 2012

Comic Book Man

I cannot tell you with enough words how much I loathe Kevin Smith's "Comic Book Men" on AMC. It comes on after "The Walking Dead," and if you haven't seen it yet then I envy your eyes.

Interesting side-note:
My woman and I tried watching my old "Mallrats" VHS tape a couple of weeks ago, and couldn't watch any more than 10 minutes of it. It's not a film that stands the test of time. Every character in the movie has the same voice. It's like Kevin Smith is having a conversation with himself through a string of bad actors. The older I get, the more I realize how much Kevin Smith sucks.


I've gotten back into the "writing reviews" game. Friends from my past might remember that I used to do my own music magazine for a couple of years, and then wrote album reviews for a variety of online publications before I lost interest in it and formed a now-defunct record label (whew! yeah, that's a blog for another day).

A comic book buddy of mine asked me to get back in the game to help him with his comic book website, Florida Geek Scene. What the hell, right?
you can see the three reviews I've done so far here:

Detective Comics #7 (DC Comics) 2012

Fairest #1 (Vertigo/DC) 2012

Justice League #6 (DC Comics) 2012

Will I be doing comic book reviews forever? Probably not. But whenever I feel the urge to write one (or to bitch and moan about something), it will be posted at even though I don't even live in Florida anymore. :)

It can't be any worse than the snobbery you'll see on "Comic Book Men." So ignore those stupid fuckers and come to The Vintage Warrior instead.


  1. Jenna and I watch Comic Book Men too. It's ok. I wouldn't say it's helping the industry much, but nothing short of massive shock paddles can do that. For some reason I like that Brian guy, even though I know I shouldn't. I guess I sometimes wish I could be the heavily bearded dude who does nothing but hang around a comic store.

    "Mallrats" on VHS. Cool. That movie suffered because it was Kevin Smith with his first big budget. I think the guy works better with as minimal a setting as possible (like "Clerks"). I do find I like his later stuff a lot ('Clerks II," "Zack and Miri")

  2. I never saw Zack and Miri. Seth Rogen is one of those actors who is exactly the same in EVERYTHING he's in. Same reason why I never saw Knocked Up, either. Clerks 2 dude? That movie was awful! That dance montage scene....yeeeesh.

    I think I would like Comic Book Men better if the asian kid was a better actor, and it the manager guy wasn't such a pompous ass. "I'm friends with Kevin Smith so that makes me awesome, wah!" The bearded guy has made me chuckle a couple of times, but he and the rest of that crew certainly don't help our argument that normal, non-sweaty men can be into comics and NOT be one of THEM.

  3. The asian kid is a metrosexual, so he kind of goes against the norm in terms of sweaty greaseballs.

    Dude, Clerks 2 had the donkey scene, and the awesome debate between Randal and the Lord of the Rings freaks. It was funny! Maybe I identified with it when I saw it, as I still worked in a crappy customer service job like they did.

  4. I won't deny Clerks 2's moments. The LOTR rant was good. The King Diamond worship was awesome. Rosario Dawson is a beautiful woman and i would very much like to sleep with her. But other than that, I dunno...I found it lacking.

    I just don't think I'm a Kevin Smith fan anymore, which is weird because I used to love those movies.
    I saw a thing on Bleeding Cool the other day, I guess Jason Mewes is on some Canadian TV show right now. At least he still gets work!!