Friday, March 23, 2012

Comic Book Man 2

Just in case you're bored and want to read some opinions on the's some links to the more recent reviews I've written for my buddy's website, Florida Geek Scene.

Batman #7

Saga #1
(for fans of snark, I recommend reading this one. Some guy posted a snarky comment about my review, and I pretty much destroyed him with my retort.)

I did a review of the John Carter movie as well, but it was pretty much a rehash of what I wrote about it here on my blog, so you're not missing anything there.

I usually only do 1 review a week for this website, so you'll only get the "Comic Book Man" topic once a month or so from now on. you're crushed by this news, I know.


  1. Damn, you brutalized that guy!

  2. Yeah I don't put up with that shit. If the guy had actually read the review I wouldn't have even responded.